Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Advice 4 tough times - remain Creative OR Give People hope


picture shows a young man's room, moved out for college. Assembling his first ALEX - a turquoise small filing cabinet. This is how it starts, and this is how it must be - the Youth must be given opportunity to be YOUNG, regardless of the costs to the investors. 

Swedish Socialism is the way forward, I promise - Stability and Ingenuity is the 1 step. 


*This is the space* that I had a vested personal interest that it be done properly -  my son's 1st place. Check out my YouTube, Insta and Reddit for valuable information - we did a lot in this space. From un-warrantable sub-floors and how to deal with them, all the way to 'hey, going with a budget Luxury Vinyl Plank, what is a good one, do you know..?'. 

What is REDDIT...? It's the best place - if you are looking for useful information on a particular subject, it could even be a very niche information, then you are likely to find it on REDDIT, get the app. Seniority on REDDIT matters and there are mechanisms in place to deal with influx of manipulation or disinformation - Subject Matter Experts in whatever, answer and contribute to discussions, it's a fun place to be and your influence can be great. 

'Look me up, u/JacekStonoga, I'm on REDDIT' - Karol Kosnik

Housing Crisis is real and Swedish Socialism is the best cure for it - no way around it. Do you want to pay higher prices..? Do you want to introduce instability to your necessary renovation..? Do you want to rely on uncreative, unreliable, and inexperienced labour for success of your project..? 


Then I say go to Swedish Socialism dot com, and join. I promise you that you will find a community of individuals who are just like you, looking for fun times. Let's dream together.


[picture shows a quick mock up of non-traditional design element - a crown moulding for a bed. It is a fancy, solid wood moulding that is installed against the ceiling in one corner of the room over the bed, lining up with the ends.]

Chapter 1 - Budgets TOUGH - how to get thru this Tough Time

Many of us will find our budgets tightened over the next 12-16 months. It may be challenging emotionally as we delay our projects yet again, or wait for 'better opportunity'. These things happen, it's part of life and you will pull through. 

My advice is this: REMAIN Creative - use cheap accessible methods to quickly contextualize your ideas in your own space. One of the best pieces of feedback I received from a client [sadly an unrealized project] - was this 'We even like the fake books you put it.'  -----> I will find the picture and upload it! I ~always~ add those 'imaginary details'; I let your mind fill in the blanks.  By the way, I know exactly why I 'put those books' there -  it was to create the size of the book so I could properly gauge the rhythm of the space. Clearly the client had a great response to it - it was totally Stealth Design; I am consciously testing my ideas on the client, 'Do they like it? Do they not like it..?'.

 ----> 'Let me tell you, people know exactly what they don't 

like because they refuse to pay, hahahaha! 

So make sure you LIKE, ok..??' - 

Karol Kosnik


Alright, back to Design!

See that picture of the bed above...? Here is a close-up of what that blue thing at the top is.

Pictures shows a small crown-mould sample picked up for free and made into a return corner for a full size mock up. 

You can get small samples for free - virtually all reputable places will give them away if you pick up or pay for shipping. It's just cost of doing business. I just used masking tape it out,  and 'visually extended' to the size of the bed. 

This is a small and accessible project - but it is a movement forward. You can now give yourself at least 2 weeks to 'live full size with this'. Perhaps you want to start saving money over those 2 weeks - make some financial decisions if it is a worthy investment. See how you feel about it..? You will know exactly when to make the move - remember, it's the wand that chooses the wizard, hahaha!

Enjoy the process!

Chapter 2 - Why do this..? Boost you mental health. 

My advice is to scale down your project by slowing down - not stopping. You are not giving up on yourself, just rebalancing. You will get there I promise. 

Remain on the path to success by completing small challenges like this - its a great mental health boost. Remember, we are hackers and we hack our way to many benefits - let's make improving our space part of the challenge to boost your mental health. It works, I promise you that. Go to Swedish Socialism dot com and join for free. Stuff like this being done right now. Boost UP!

Chapter 2 - ANOTHER great source of FREE furniture: 

'Facebook Marketplace'

        LOOK  ---- >  1 TRICK: important to be be selective!

It's sad but there is a whole generation that is facing a sunset - that includes that furniture as well. Facebook Market place is chock full of great many finds - a result of a titillating image hit! I promise you that there are some AMAZING finds to be had and bargains. 


I scavenge for design elements alone, as they retain value and are made in traditional historic ways. Doors are always doors. 

Friends, remain hopeful and remain optimistic - treat this as an opportunity to explore in an affordable fashion, look for bargains and live your best Hacker Life..!


Sunday, May 1, 2022

The work for the 1% never stops - the impeding Creativity Crisis

pictures shows a sanding station in a professional, high end shop; in the foreground is a large custom laid-up veneer panel being sanded to perfection; 

Chapter 1 - the work for the 1% never stops

I am currently making white oak whiter and I say that without prejudice. Strange times are upon us, as those with wealth and means are able to afford a less stressful, more meaningful lives. 

Where I currently reside I get to experience and challenge my skills and efficiency - I proudly say that I make gains and improvements every single day. Can we beat the estimate...? Is there a better more efficient way of delivering uncompromising quality...?

I love my hobby bossman - we think like 1 mind. 

I am a bit sad that I can't deliver this type of work more widely, that the access remains prohibitively expensive, that I have to 'fall under my bossman's umbrella' to gain access to this type of activities. 

That is precisely why I think the school is so important. Handy Design - Modern Ideas is about bringing the same level of ideas and concepts to average and ordinary interiors - you are lucky if you have managed to secure your own space at reasonable cost and now you have to make it work in an optimum fashion. 

The scariest thing, perhaps least understood, is the Poverty of Creativity - because access to creative skilled labour is the key ingredient for successful renovation. Anybody you will invite your space will try to sell you something regardless of fit. Deceptive marketing, not understanding the process, 'the mystique of trade' there are numerous ways of making you go for something that is completely not in your best interest. 

And who knows what is in YOUR best interest best - it's you. 

When you are educated and knowledgeable it is easy to make decisions and spend money wisely. I currently contribute to r/Flooring, r/IKEA and r/IKEAHacks as a Subject Matter Expert and let me tell you that the demand for knowledge and experience is unprecedented! There is only so many trades people to do the work! And if you think I am joing then read this story I found on r/Flooring! 

 Watch this Video it explains better!