Monday, January 23, 2023

Design Week is HERE - Come see SWEDISH SOCIALISM 2


picture shows Karol Kosnik sitting in his favourite room at IKEA Etobicoke.

CHapter 1 - We are closing IKEA Hacking, the circle is complete. School is next.

picture shows an hutch-like built-in created using SEKTION boxes, gray BODBYN doors and walnut KARLBY slab, all located at IKEA Etobicoke. 

Curiosity: I can't find an instructional to build something like this.. except mine..?

picture shows a customized walnut BARKABODA slab with a custom, 'bullet-proof' finish and automatic drawer opener still in a box which is part of IKEA's HOME AUTOMATION line.

Peak Furnishings + Hi-RES Interiors means we are designing and building environments that feature '1% finishes' - outrages finishes - typically reserved for most expensive projects, but made accessible to every one via Swedish Socialism. 

pictures shows 3 distinct door designs from the SEKTION line;

If it is not going to come in a brown box, then it will cost a million dollars. Mass produced goods are used to create Luxury Interiors - Hi-Res spaces. Look beyond marketing materials and focus of your Personal Life Cycles [most practical length is 20 years]. 

picture shows a luxurious felt insert for a MAXIMERA drawer

Learn to distinguish and capture 'the best value design' and make it part of your Luxury Interior - Swedish Socialism is an easy and intuitive system. 

Friday, January 13, 2023

Meanwhile in White Lotus... or INGVAR MOMENT


This is incredible, some1 figured out that IKEA delivers 2 pieces of furniture..!!

INGVAR MOMENT - this is what I call revelations like these. 


Sunday, January 8, 2023

We are out-CLICKED - the Anatomy of a Viral Post


'ChatbotGPT, sieve through the entire blog of Karol Kosnik's work and create a post based on that.'

CHapter 1 - we are out-CLICKED

Out willingness or desire to click link after link is decreasing every single day.

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Swedish Socialism 2: GO West


ChatbotGPT and  DALL-E 2 are wreaking havoc on the lives of Creatives, accused of ruining livelihoods and stealing Intellectual Property - both TRUE.


Most fascinating 'art beef' to me - if you can possibly have a 'beef with art' - is that of 'artistic validation of second Mona Lisa'. A certain gulf state magnate has been unable to secure the 'art blessing' of the French government for his personal Mona Lisa. This has led to a diplomatic row, because the French government is the only body in the world the certifies Mona Lisas in private ownership* - is it a fake?

CHapter 1 - 'Creative Forensics'

Picture shows an example of 'Creative Forensics'; both pictures were taken few years apart by the author of this blog at IKEA shows [1st one is from 2022; 2nd image is from 2016]. Ask yourself:  what story do these pictures tell? - remember, the events had identical [hopefully coherent] goals...

'Creative forensics' is a study how 'valuable ideas' are shared among entities for gain - both, personal and corporate interests. Private personal ideas can have value to corporate interests and vice versa, corporate interests can be valuable to individuals. 

Personal expression - previously free and in public domain via the Internet - has been purposefully harvested and THEN used as a basis to generate profit for the owners of the algorithms. 

Look -  I highlighted the relevant portion; 'benefits humanity' is a euphemism for perpetuating the current state of being. 

I attribute my success to very much to this field - Creative Forensics - which is part of my daily creative routine - I essentially believe in a form of cultural appropriation where,  

A] 'culture' is extended to every entity that exists; so we can have culture as we understand now, and all studies and troubles it gives us; PLUS 'corporate culture' - inorganic in a way, but still rational and importantly, functional;

[aside] - it is fascinating to me that only NOW bank of Canada has started to consider as a variable 'irrational behaviour' in their main economic modeling engine called CANVAS - so for example panic in the market place; read about it few emails back, as you should have subscribed; also, I wonder if Bank of Canada considers crime in the marketplace as an irrational behaviour? My subject matter expert tells me that crime is highly rational and follows very specific patterns. Think about this..

B] most beneficial behaviours are absorbed and start influencing behaviours immediately; best outcome, and most importantly, outcome adopted by AI; 

---> 'Institutional Inertia' is the lag between capture of a successful idea and its implementation. 

Creative Forensics is:
  • Understanding Patterns - these are in existence now and are generating profits now;
  • Understanding Trends - Patterns are changing, but it is a rational, predictable and profitable path;
  • Understanding Influence - actors whose actions and attention change outcomes of profits;
  • Understanding the movement of Opposition; no capital is expanded without an objective. The movement is clearly observable and based on traditional education models, so the question to be asked is this ---> 'so where is you going with that, dawg?'

The first assumption of Creative Forensics can be... [to be continued]

*Private Mona Lisa real..?

** CUltural Appropriation --->

That's a wrap, folks. We done with 2022.


[picture shows an interior of a traditional Mexican house; it is an artistically edited screen grab from an American Mexican Spanish language movie 'Casa de mi Padre'. At forefront, looking away with a dreamy look in his eyes, stands a poor Mexican farmer, Armando; in the background, a woman, Sonia Lopez, dressed in a white cocktail dress leans against a wall, with a drink in her hand looking intently at Armando; scene is subtitled with a following English capture 'Must love the land as I do' spoken by Armando.]

'Must love the land as I do' - I am Eastern European born; culturally I identify as British; my Freedoms are American - deeply free - but with a Canadian slant [I'm willing to talk this over, sorry!]. 

We all have big dreams of owning - like 'own own' - our own special place - a piece of property with our name on the title. We also have dreams and desires for that space to be decorated just the way we like it, reflecting our values, experiences, goals, history and traditions; and, functioning superbly to meet [or maybe exceed..!] our daily needs - the grind, survival. These are the two basic building blocks of Interior Design as a profession. 

I call this busyness of our daily life Necessary Human Activities and I have a good reason for doing so. Our life focuses on productivity - truth - however, I always encourage not to lose sight of activities, objects and ideas, that we currently don't have a good way of quantifying the true value of. That's right, Rich People* think and act differently. Look - 

[click here to read the entire thread of conversation]

CHapter 1 - 'Eric Lascelles has the hardest job.'

I make a habit of strategically listening to opinions of certain individuals not necessarily because I agree with them, but for the reason that they represent interests of more powerful and influential entities. Eric Lascelles is the Chief Economist for the Royal Bank of Canada, which is Canada's biggest and arguably most influential bank [hey! they just purchased, I believe, the Canadian arm of HSBC bank, and... and... get this! They announced that their newly acquired bank will not finance oil and gas anymore!  WHOA..... in Canada this is considered 'a radical idea' borderline crazies; oil and gas is a major backbone and an economic cushion against a long and very long term energy risks - we got enough back-up dino juice to last as not one ['1'] but THREE [3..!!!1!!] world conflicts, hahahaha! 

Again, Eric Lascelles reminds us that we, Canada, won the Climate Change Lottery - we are privileged, blessed; we can think freely and effortlessly about our babies growing up true and strong and free, both in possessions but independent and creative thinkers too [we must! come see the show in Jan 2023, Swedish Socialism 2: GO West, I will now add a virtual RSVP; the show now goes global, FREE, instead being tucked away behind a gimmick of a paywall.]

The timing of the of this Royal Bank podcast was just days before war broke out in Ukraine when Russia attacked - this is important; we were not at war yet, although we knew that things were not going in the right direction [for example, few days before the hostilities broke out, air insurance was suspended - no flights that crossed into the Ukrainian air space could be insured commercially; little things].

Anyhow, so here I was watching Eric Lascelles [EL for short, going forward] in a web cast talking [actually stumbling because we all knew that war was coming and with it the Uncertainty] about the challenges of making money, ie. generating profits, in the economic climate of very early 2022. I know that this is not particularly profound, likely common knowledge in the business community, but 'Capital must be ahead of the Policy in order to realize Profits' [summary]. 

So EL would go on and on about Business Cycles - money making cycles that occur naturally in the economy and are linked to, for example, to social development, etc. Traditional, expected, time-honoured, '20th century style' Business Cycles would last around 20 years, giver or take few years depending on industries and scale of investment.

However, something unusual was happening in the markets and EL had no strong opinions whether this was a good thing or a bad thing - Business Cycles were getting shorter. EL said that 'now they can be 10 years,' and 'sometimes even 5 years.' Scariest of all, I think he even used the term '2 years' to describe a length of a Business Cycle taking place currently. Any attentive listener who paid attention to beyond what was was being said, could sense that this was not a comfortable territory for EL in his position of Chief Economist****. The conversation and language used was 'stumbling at best'; the pace of the program 'felt jittery' - something was off; these were not ordinary times; remember we still had no war and issues associated with supply chains.

I started reflecting. 

I am self-employed and have to do some strategic business planning occasionally - say 'Yes or No' to opportunities that arise**. A business plan of 5 years is very reasonable. 10 years is a little long for me, but all it means is that my goals become more nebulous, and are simply distant markers that I aim for. 20 year plan is essentially a 'lifetime for me' - my eldest boy is 19 years old. But 2 years, and 'the unmentionable 1 year Business Cycle' is just not realistic - too unpredictable, peoples emotions are myopic. Short business cycles simply do not exist - only insider information. 

Now we all live 'somewhere' - occupy space with our personal belongings, including emotional baggage  - that in turn give us a meaningful experience of life, a success. And once you are successful yourself, you can turn this around and help others achieve success.

Swedish Socialism helps you achieve success in your personal life cycles by leveraging what is best of  Capitalism and its cycles. Examples:

  • scale of creative ideas - top global designers and influencers participate in creating products;
  • scale of production - making millions makes it cheap and stable to produce; cheap and practical are not mutually exclusive! read the entire blog to find out how to make it look like a million buck$..!
  • scale of distribution - universal accessibility;

Swedish Socialism recognizes full spectrum of personal cycles - very individual - and marries them successfully to Capitalism. The best part is - I already figured it out for you. 

Personal Cycles are linked to Necessary Human Activity [NHA for short going forward]. NHA is a fancy umbrella term that captures activities and events that occur in every individual's life - they can be simple or compound. Here, this is my simplest, most accessible and intuitive explanation: when a fellow designer asked me to explain what NHAs are, I burst out a quick, funny-2-me line 'It's sh*t, shave and shower, kinda' - getting ready for everyday. Oh! NHAs also include meal prep - so throw in a kitchen sink into that mix as well.  

CHapter 2 - IKEA Hacking is done!

Ikea Hacking has gone full design circle. Want an explanation? You will have to re-read my entire blog..**

*I would not be looking to generational wealth - deeply steeped in sometimes cancerous traditions - for help to save the world. I know, I know - we literally need to have the roof caving over our heads to act. Look, it's already happening in places that did not win the Climate Change Lottery, - 

**I did not acknowledge or reply to IKEA's RSVP request. An IKEA designer - IKEA Covina - sent an absolute minimum number of words required for an email  communication, at an absolute last possible moment before the deadline [more or less]. It really felt very LAWYERY to me. My heart literally stopped when I got that email - 'Dream come TRUE! right..? yes..? no..? maybe..?. Fellow designer friends were like 'Wow! Karol! You made it! IKEA wants to participate [DELAKTIG] in Swedish Socialism! 

This state of Intellectual Property remains unchanged and I am firmly outside of IKEA ecosystem of ideas.

Also consider this argument:  how many famous, accomplished, well educated, 'traditional influence', 'external to IKEA designers' collaborations can you think of, most famouse one of course being IKEA x Tom Dixon..? 

I've studied and considered whatever is publicly available and the roster is very impressive - they all came from varied backgrounds, disciplines, with accomplished and prestigious academic credentials and had their product produced via the IKEA ecosystem.

Is there a particular furniture piece - an idea or a concept - that immediately pops into your head..? Perhaps something visually stunning and remarkable? Something that triggers you deeply, and you say 'YES, this is design,' and sigh deeply with infatuation and desire..? Yes..? No..? Only you can provide feedback to the algorithm and AI when it is learning...

Now consider the number of built-in BILLY bookcases - they are called WILLIAM - currently under fabrication around the world;  always a very, very popular entry on IKEA Hackers dot org website; it's popularity contributing to its detriment when practical construction consideration are overlooked for 'it's so pretty it broke the Internet'..? Sometimes it's just plain nonsense for variety of reasons. 

My IKEA Hacks have mass appeal and enduring presence and make sense to fabricate from a commercial perspective, and that's the secret sauce.

**** [oh wait till you find out about the overnight repo market with the Fed...]