What is PeakFURN?

This pictures is a screenshot of an article published on dezeen.com website where I read first time about the concept of 'peak furnishings'. IKEA's head of sustainability is quoted as saying 'we've reached peak home furnishings'.

I already intuitively knew that - I was using IKEA's boxes to design super functional and good looking furniture and millwork - BUT THIS TIME - somebody articulated that. And it was not just anybody - this was IKEA's chief of sustainability!

I think this is one of those instances where essentially capitalism IS SUCCESSFUL in solving the problems of the world. Just as we think of housing as a right - having a warm and cozy roof over your head, where you can relax and raise a family; then we should think in same terms when designing interior - everyone needs a place to cook; everyone requires a solution for storing their personal belongings; everyone needs a place to rest and sleep. 

Peak Furnishings - as a concept - allows you to do all those things AND in quite the affordable fashion!


[To be continued]