- IKEA Hacking - PeakFURN

I will design and build the custom cabinetry that you always wanted. My specialty is Peak Furnishing + IKEA Hacking. It is the single, most economical way of designing and building good quality cabinetry built-ins, media, libraries. ANYTHING. Think about it this way - 'If I need a box to start with then I should make it IKEA' - it's the cheapest. 

Pair that up with my creative approach to designing and obsession with quality and you get an amazing product at a very reasonable cost - read the blog!

Cheapest way - yes, there are bargain hunters out there; this is for you - measuring, design + assembly service. Fill your space with variety of IKEA boxes - I will come in and measure - I use a laser level for accuracy. Billys make for good bookcases, SEKTION is a very flexible box well suited for things other than kitchens - lower storage on bookcases for example. PAX is a great closet. 

Kitchens are an example of just assembly - although many clients tend to opt-in for custom elements - ends up looking like million bucks every time. 

Note - high-end appliances don't always fit the IKEA SEKTION system well - I make sure that your Sub-Zero fridge or your Wolf built-in range will not only sit properly but it will look aesthetically pleasing - only nice designs - Studio Kosnik difference. 

The IKEA Hack - PeakFURN - those seeking nicer design will appreciate this service. First I measure. Then we create a custom looking design that is based on an IKEA box - SEKTION, PAX, BILLY. Using those boxes as 'the core' we build  around them really fancy designs - think custom crown mouldings, custom base, fancy side panels, 'book-matched' veneer doors. It's a step up in design that looks like a million bucks but does not cost that.  

My method of design - PEAK FURNISHINGS - works best in small and ultra small spaces. We use the trio  of 'Colour - Lights - Cabinetry' to naturally give function to space. We break up the 'fits everyone' monotony and we truly personalize your space and make it you. As a designer I will work with you to make your space feel unique and multifunctional- it will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle - heck! it will improve it! I guarantee it.  

This is an example of a old AKURUM IKEA hack that clearly illustrates the concept. Enjoy!

[Check out the finished look within the pages of this blog...it just looks so good! Click the 'Kitchen' tag at the bottom of the page!] 

Custom Work 

I can build you anything your heart desires. I am an old school furniture maker with a passion for designing - I greatly enjoy building challenging pieces. I am an experienced non-traditionalist when it comes to carpentry, I thrive on intricate details and my finishing skills are superior. Get in touch - we can talk about it.