I launched by YouTube Channel! I am officially a YouTuber! 

Here is the link!

 - If you are considering hiring me, than you have to watch this one.*
*There are specific reasons why people hire me. It's a long one, but you need to know these things. Just like educating yourself about a contractor. 

Feels a bit awkward though - at my age and experience. When I think of YouTubers I think of them good looking 'Young Guns' with subscribers being silly teens in the 'millions'. 

I've been getting a lot of feedback on my blog. Apparently, people tend to be split into two groups - those who like to read - like in depth reviews and analysis of IKEA products and how I leverage the IKEA advantage to your benefit [$$$] - I am the world's first professional IKEA Hacker.

And there is the 'Visual Crowd' - people who respond more to images and videos. So thus I officially launch my YouTube Channel! Watch the videos. Learn the process. Educate yourself before you spent your hard earned cash on an IKEA product!