Thursday, June 21, 2018

Confessions of an IKEA Hacker - Private opinion of PAX

Peak furnishings is here - that's the only way I can think of the PAX. With every PAX install OR resurrection, I get pleasantly surprised how efficiently I fill the space with it. And whatever the space remains gets filled nicely with ALGOT and it gets the lights too. 

The universality of it comes with a cost - the install has to be accessible to everyone, but that is NOT the case. Some people should not install and should hire a professional. AND FFS!  - ** cut out the baseboard for flush install ** - always request that. Any installer should do it. 

I disagree with IKEA that the PAX should last 10 years. I think it can easily last 20 years - you just have to follow my instructions. Simple modifications and additions dramatically extend the life. No, the hardware is not going to fail - it will be the box! That is why drawers stick and rub, and doors rub and sag. It is crazy stupid that an addition of $5 tube of silicone will alter the PAX for its life. 

For all the totally custom solutions that I can design and build, there really is no reason to do any of it because of PAX. My very reasonable and pragmatic asks, 'why should I make myself life difficult, when I make it easy and modular?'

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

PAX Hack Guide + Maker Festival 2018


[picture shows a cut through PAX gable, with the off-cut turned on the side to reveal the core. The core of the PAX gable is made up of high-end lamination of 1/8th skins, strips of particle core and honeycomb cardboard sandwich. Laminated together they form a rigid panel that takes loads on the vertical]
Check out my INSTA!

Chapter 1

After this project I will definitely update my ULTIMATE PAX HACK GUIDE ON THE INTERNET.

[picture shows Karol Kosnik screwing on a strip of cross-grain 1/2" thick plywood, bow-in towards the inside; a several beads of silicone were applied to the piece just prior to attaching. It is a very artsy photo. Just kidding my friends with screen readers! Hey, is there anything I can do to improve your experience? Send me a message!]

Here is the BEST, absolutely top hacking TIP for PAX Wardrobes -

** Glue in your backs ** - I use silicone for long open time and very good shock absorbing glue line. During traditional install, the back is just nailed in. Over the course of lifetime of the closet items get bumped against it - that pulls out the nails. Once the back comes out everything goes - the box loses integrity, slowly - everything begins to sag and rub. It really depends on your installer. If you glue in your back, follow with some metal sheeting screws - so very short, thin and aggressive - mine are always philips head, and a large flat washer built in - drives in very easily and tight. 

Do a 3/4 strip of ply - 5" wide - at the top, attached with  1 1/2" screws - make sure to pre-drill deeper. 

Do a thinner strip - I do 1/2 ply, also 5" wide, cross grain because it warps then, apply few beads of silicone, face the bow in [so it always presses the back against the shelves, keeping things closed] and install it a little above half-way point. Attach at edges with 1 1/2" screws AND from the inside I use the same metal sheeting screws [they present visually OK]. 

I will promise you you PAX will feel like a well stretched drum - the backs just have a really nice tone to it - the box is very solid. 

HERE comes the EASY part - all you got to do is level it and screw in into the stud or concrete anywhere along the top - becasuse you got solid 3/4" ply there - takes the 'rocket science' out of it, because I am not a rocket scientist.


Monday, May 14, 2018

Maker Fair - DIY, hands on workshop

[picture shows a Studio Kosnik IKEA Hack design - features upper SEKTION boxes floating on a wall combined with custom drawers for spacing, as well as a floating desk and solid wood shelves. This design is not possible to execute using the IKEA planner - if you come to the Maker Fair I will speak about how to get your designs 'out of the IKEA kitchen planner!]

Chapter 1 - Maker Fair;

I applied to show - a ticketed event! If you are curious I will be talking and showing about everything that I do - we will talk Peak Furnishings and IKEA Hacking!

Also, I had to write a sad e-mail today:

...perhaps there was a misunderstanding - I assumed that design was for you personally - and I would be happy to execute it for you. However, I don't work through designers/decorators - I have my own design practice, and I have specific goals that I want to achieve - affordability of design is a big issue for me. I only work directly with the end-client in order to reduce the cost and keep my work affordable and popular - I just run one kijiji ad....
I apologize, but I am unable to help you with this one, I hope you understand,
all best,

Studio Kosnik

You would be shocked how many people I meet - artists/designers - who sign up for representation, and then are unable to get out of the contract. Your creativity, your work forever chained to a master - yes, you are famous, and you are in demand - but you are at a fickle of an individual who can ruin you if you disagree. I thought that was annoying - I am using the Internet to fight that. I believe that given our ability to connect, one should be able to market to people who need your services DIRECTLY. Without the 'middle man'. I think it is more democratic that way AND more affordable.....

just some thoughts.....

Monday, April 9, 2018

DELAKTIG is in! I repeat, DELAKTIG IS IN! - Industriell 2!

CHapter 1 - DELAKTIG has landed! 

With Tom Dixon bragging that this is the first - maybe only - IKEA sanctioned hack, I am excited to announce that I received official e-mail invite from IKEA to check out the collection. Exciting! - and that's a wee-bit understatement. Can't wait to get my hands on that product. 

Side by side, another collection has been launched - INDUSTRIELL. Reading the description had me a bit confused - so it is an 'industrial process that purports to produce hand-made results' - apparently people crave 'hand-made' and thus in order to bring that 'desired hand-made' they have a machine reproduce it.

Hmmm.... oh the tale that the marketing team at IKEA weaves.....

First of all - my understanding of 'hand-made' is 'hand-made', and I am having trouble with how to jump over that hurdle in a logical fashion. My guess is that the production process is likely not perfected - they can't produce flawless 'handmade' - because 'handmade' also has a specific quality - it's not random splatter, uneven brush strokes, or mindless marks on wood - and maybe it is also due to the intrinsic nature of the materials involved. But, given time and experience that process will become perfect [or with adjustable variability of 'hand-made' - so say, you will be able to dial just how much imperfections you can get - from 0 to 100% - and I mean how do you quantify that too!].

But I think the greatest lesson from the INDUSTRIELL collection is that - the robots are coming for our jobs. Automation is here!


Will write  more about it as I go thinking and working about my day.