Monday, April 1, 2013

Chapter 1

Here is a good IKEA Billy Bookcase hack

So, take two Billy bookcases [with doors], add 2 1/2 sheets of MDF, mix in a designer/maker and you end up with beautiful millwork - on a budget.

Chapter 2  - To design or not to design...

IKEA hacking is a very popular endavour these days - considering that a 'woodworking shop hour' can rival that of a 'car garage shop hour'. As a designer and a maker one of my favourite things to do is to browse the IKEA's 'as-is' section - which I always do - and see what I could build with the available pieces. My 'designer mind' wanders from piece to piece, while the 'maker' in me jigs those pieces together for a coherent look and practical function...

I personally admire the IKEA model - there is no other like it in the world.  

Democratic Design all the way!