Saturday, July 27, 2019

Just PICS of good solutions - no time to write anything

Chapter 1 - Just pics of good solutions. 

Picture shows two tall, one deep and one shallow IKEA Sektion  pantries with Ringhult  doors; clad in custom 1" thick magnetic chalkboard panels. IKEA lights paired with a remote control installed above doors provide additional lighting in a rather dim kitchen.  The design is very well priced, looks very modern and sharp. The magnetic chalkboard panels were chosen on purpose - it was to encourage the homeowner's two young children to get more involved in cooking!

Picture shows a microwave oven built into a SEKTION  peninsula cabinet, with a cladding made of KUNGSBACKA drawer face.

Picture shows a SEKTION peninsula layout showcasing super tight tolerances on the opened drawers. The flexibility of the install Kosnik's install system allows him to achieve solutions not possible with a traditional IKEA planner.