Sunday, February 5, 2023

The case for Mindless Luxury;

[picture shows part of my daughter's room; I have experience building 'dream-parent-pieces for their children'; really really fancy stuff, just sayin'; these particular ones are student work - so over 15 years old; but first time put on display - of an important Toronto designer; I bought them because I like them personally, and I thought they were a nice design and well made; this particular designer was involved in an undertaking of 'creating a new line of luxury furniture', like from scratch, I wrote about this event on my blog;
also pictured is scuffed side of a HEMNES solid wood dresser, in gray]

Chapter 1.

All finishers are cabinetmakers, but not all cabinetmakers are finishers. 

Chapter 2 - No prerequisites 

Free time and free attention is not required to enjoy Mindless Luxury. That is how it differs from other concepts of Luxury. In fact Mindless Luxury is most affordable and most accessible of all Luxury concepts.

Another important factor in Mindless Luxury is the fact that domestic work, like child rearing for example, most often consumes your attention, which is hard to capture or measure and is only monetizable in limited ways as constructed by 4 Walled Gardens of Ai [see my next post]. 

Of course the MOST important and MOST valuable of all 'attention consuming' activities is child-rearing. The quality of our society is directly proportional and related to our methods in the field - are they good? are they poor?

Chapter 3 - Mindless Luxury..? Sounds like a bullsh**. How can Luxury be Mindless? Explain.
Alright, I will. We will begin our story with the following opening: "Meanwhile in White Lotus...'