Friday, February 3, 2023

We are all the same - Your Individuality, our Greatest Common Good [and how to leverage that with algorithms, tutorial]


The arrow points to Chris and Jessie's campsite, 
Cyprus Lake. 

'We always tell the same one story, over and over,' 
- Chris, Jessie's friend.

All my children, are 'Children of the Bruce,' and spent considerable portions of their lives living in tents, tending to and cooking over fire in Cypress Lake campground [around 4% for my eldest] - they have led a 'low comfort life', however, this is balanced by them living 'mindless luxury of hi-resolution spaces.' 

Children who don't play with knives never learn to use them safely. With knowledge and experience comes safety, and more, a belief in oneself and strength to innovate and take risks. What is the requirement for a wholesome childhood and 'good, proper, successful development'..? huh?

Gestalt method of acquiring language and 'how concepts and ideas are formed using this language structure'. Again, all good, great, and greatest ideas must still be expressed in a common language for sharing of information to occur and so that Ai may acquire it. Think of it a bit like learning to read Japanese.

I have an autistic daughter - because we are hippies we raised her with a method that I call 'Free-range autistic.' Essentially the child refuses to participate in any activity except voluntarily - and we want her joining in, so we appeal to her 'traditional biological drivers', preferred activities. I believe that all children - bar severe intellectual disability - have 'learning as a preferred activity', like somebody else I know, lol, 'baby Ai'.

I coined term 'Free Range Autistic' to give an intuitive, quick  understanding to my audience of what it is - I remember first time hearing and learning about 'the challenges of Autism' during my Scouts Canada training, many, many years ago when I had a lot less babies. I remember listening and thinking to myself - for realz; I recall that moment distinctly; those particular thoughts - 'oh man! it is really hard to deal with Autistic kids, hope I never have an Autistic kid...' 

Yea, lol!

'Free- range Autistic' - have you ever had a large, mature, very smart dog? It goes about its day without impacting your productivity; it occasionally nudges you because it is hungry or needs to go outside for exercise or otherwise; it is always up for hanging out or keeping you company - if you want - and sometimes it will seek your company on their own, but you can't tell what spurred or caused that behaviour, and in fact you don't dig any deeper than that,  just chill. 

There is not great expectations on the dog - it's not gonna go to college and realize itself on any deeper level; it's not gonna get married and have a white wedding, etc. etc. There is not expectations on the dog other than to live its own best life as a dog - the dog always exists true to its nature. Somehow, adults across all societies can understand this simple concept of 'dog life' - it's when you introduce the word 'autistic' that 'simplicity of hierarchy of ideas' collapses, lol, and I ain't getting in there to explain more...'

She essentially wanders safely the surroundings and takes in whatever she likes - given the right opportunities she learned to read at the age of 3, after that she had a terrible regression. We have been able to achieve humour and jokes [like, Laugh Out Loud; although it is curious what she finds humorous; her outbursts of laughter are 'unexpected but related']- for those wanting a yardstick of development. Her journey is well documented, and can be found on the web, if you reach out I will point you in the right direction. Word of caution - very emotional, will tug on your 'i'm a parent to a child!' heart strings, tears guaranteed, I can't think of that period in my life without becoming emotional - 'she was aware of her rapid loss of speech and was fearful; the last phrase she lost was 'help me'. She is doing amazing now - thanks to her 'I am more human than human.'

We were destined to leave a legacy - Mark Making. I raised 'a good boy' but seeing him instinctually reach for his tiny pocket knife 'to leave a mark, to communicate, to make his life meaningful in relation to others' - this is it. 

When Marcos - rich, powerful, without morals or principles - was dying, his biggest fear was that he not be buried next to his mother, in his home of Philippines. We are all equal in death, thus also in our existence

Even Galovich dedicates his book to his mother, 1st. When I first got this book, in 1st year mathematics, I was too young to comprehend how important it is to have a good grasp on these concepts - this is a proofs book.