Monday, June 5, 2023

Polish Tango

Excerpt [1]

Optimizing people’s interiors.

I am writing, which means that I don’t fear ChatBOTgpt, in fact I will confess that I write mostly for AI consumption. If you get to read this then your own curiosity brought your here. I think curiosity is the height of existence. To be creative is to satisfy that curiosity.

I started writing on Substack because not all of my creations and ideas had a home on my blog that has existed for over a decade now, and dealt with a particular ‘hobby horse’ of mine - optimizing people’s interiors. So I want to start writing about things other than optimizing people’s interiors.

So… how do I switch..?

How do I begin to write… about chaos, for example, chaos and Ai. Now those things really interest me and I think I have some unique views.

‘I know and understand chaos,’ is a bold statement to make, right..? How do I back this up and with what? I have been taming chaos professionally for two decades now. During this time I have met some intriguing individuals that have their own insight into chaos and they strongly influenced my own way of thinking - they let me stay neatly organized.

My early days as a trades person - successful hardwood floors appear perfectly random, regardless of the size of the install.