Tuesday, May 4, 2021

HAVSTORP - a new and exciting door form IKEA! - REVIEW


Picture shows a freshly launched door for the SEKTION box called HAVSTORP. 


Chapter 1 - HAVSTORP Door Review

~When I opened the HAVSTORP box..... I just saw a grey Veddinge doors.~

'Just'.... Listen up! Never underestimate the power of simple slab door in a neutral grey colour AND an at an AMAZING price point! Yea, I think I only paid $18 bucks from Click-n-Collect at IKEA Etobicoke!

White VEDDINGE doors are the cornerstone of IKEA's 'modern design' - Anything and everything goes with these simple and unassuming doors. Simplest way to accent is to use knobs or pulls - 'Who cares who made the doors or how much they cost, if each knob on that door costs 150 bucks, is handmade and imported from Great Britain?', asked a millionaire. This comparison struck me as odd, but it's very rational way to think about design - we see the 'High-Low' looks all the time, at least I do. I am actually a big fan of the 'High-Low' and use that principle in all my work. 

Along comes HAVSTORP......!

Tomorrow when I get to the shop will do some 'hard testing' and measure the vitals - will make a YouTube video for sure!

'Like, comment, subscribe!' hahaha!